The Right Options to Meet Your Needs

Glass scratch removal and repair has been revolutionised with new technology specifically designed to meet your needs. Severe glass scratches and or damaged glass due to mineral deposits can now be removed with break-thru technology. Scratches on windows, glass doors, glass furniture, auto glass, and new construction scratched glass can now be repaired distortion free with the Wet and Dry Scratch Hog systems. Glass manufacturers, construction developers, property maintenance establishments and any independent technician can remove unwanted glass scratches and glass damage effectively and efficiently. Even acid graffiti is no match for the Wet and Dry Scratch Hog when used with our new protective graffiti film.

Glass Scratch Repair

We heard your requests for a glass scratch removal system that can remove deep glass scratches on all types of glass in any situation. Severe scratches are considered those you can feel with your fingernail. Old methods try to polish the glass using a glass polishing paste that has been used for decades. These polishing materials are extremely small in particle size; typically 1 micron. This is only effective with fine scratches. Don't be fooled--no one-step process can remove deep scratches effectively. Ask yourself, can you use the same material you are going to polish the glass with and expect to remove enough glass to remove a scratch? It just doesn't work that way. You wouldn't try to remove a scratch from a fine piece of wood and start with fine sandpaper; instead, you would start with a coarse grit and progress to a fine grit--the same is true of glass. If claims of a magic way to move the glass molecules around to fill in the scratch sound unbelievable-they just might be.

Glass Restoration Systems

The Wet and Dry Scratch Hog systems include all the equipment and supplies necessary to start immediately. In addition, GT will teach you how to remove scratches from glass. Glass

The Wet and Dry Scratch Hog systems include all the equipment and supplies necessary to start immediately. In addition, GT will teach you how to remove scratches from glass. Glass Technology's glass scratch removal equipment options provide all that is needed for a new or established business to create this new service business opportunity to repair scratched glass. For the creative mind this technology offers a wide open market with little or no competition. Our products have been engineered through intensive research and development to produce higher quality repairs than any other repair alternative. This is not only our opinion, it's also the opinion of our customers and their customers.

Using the Wet Scratch Hog technology that applies microscopic three dimensional structures (pyramid shaped) in varying sizes allows deep scratches to be repaired. This size differential allows you to remove and restore the isolated scratched area much faster then trying to polish a deep scratch with traditional paste polish. Instead you can use up to a 35 micron disc to quickly remove the scratch and then restore the glass. Our 35 micron disc is 35 times more effective than a 1 micron paste. You simply select the right micro grade for the severity of the scratch. The discs are color coded to prevent confusion. This patented p­rocess creates a perfect pyramid shaped pattern, thus creating a glass-cutting and polishing process that is unmatched. The Wet Scratch Hog incorporates an industrial grade centre water feed machine using only water to lubricate and cool the glass as the scratch is being removed. This machine is portable, using a small self-contained water source. Depending on the severity of the scratch a series of these special discs are used, starting with a small disc and finishing with a larger disc to prevent distortion. This is the best option for repairing isolated heavy to light scratch damage on any glass surface.

The Dry Scratch Hog technology is the latest development in Glass Technology's family of professional glass scratch removal systems. The Dry Scratch Hog was developed for large scale glass scratch removal projects. Designed to remove heavy or light scratching damage over large surfaces areas, the Dry Scratch Hog is in a league of its own. This system uses a series of substrate restoration discs that efficiently remove the scratch damage from the surface of the glass using a dry abrasive process that is the first of its kind. The polishing machine has been engineered by Glass Technology using a micro particulate collection system to vacuum all of the dry glass materials off the surface during the repair process and through the system into a filtration and collection area. This system is used in conjunction with the Wet Scratch Hog when dealing with multiple window damage on residential or commercial properties.

When using the Wet and Dry Scratch Hog systems together, there is not a better and more efficient way of repairing 1 to 1000 windows. Tried and tested, this is the future of glass restoration.

Market for Repairing Glass Scratches

Because glass scratch removal service is so new, there is little to no competition for businesses who provide the service in local markets. For this reason, glass scratch and graffiti removal is a very attractive add-on for the glass and building maintenance industries. Recently, this service has been stirring up much media attention, as seen on Applications for glass scratch removal include: architectural glass, auto glass, glass furniture, new construction, graffiti removal, buses, aircraft windscreens and tempered glass. This system has become a must-have for glass businesses as well as building maintenance personnel. You can make thousands of dollars by incorporating this service into your business.

Expand your Glass Scratch Restoration business by adding Graffiti Film application. This relatively new product can dramatically increase your customer base and profits by allowing you to install Graffiti film to restored glass surfaces previously damaged. It also installs on new glass surfaces to prevent damage such as graffiti or scratches from occurring. Glass Technology is now offering classes. This product is a must for anyone using the Scratch Hog in heavy traffic areas.