Plastic Headlight Lenses?

Many people would be surprised to learn that their cars headlight lenses are made of plastic and not glass. Over the past several decades its use has increased to the point where almost all headlight lenses in today’s newer cars are made of plastic.

Plastic (Poly-carbonate & Acrylic) headlight lenses are far safer, stronger and absorb more impact than the old glass lenses. The only downside is that the outer surface of the lens can deteriorate over time due to environmental factors such as UV degradation, photochemical pollution and acidic rain. Lenses can fade, loose clarity, discolour and become milky or yellow in appearance.

This not only spoils the look of your vehicle but reduces the intensity of the headlight beam to a point where it can become dangerous to drive at night. In most States in Australia this deterioration if noticed by Police can result in an on-the-spot fine and loss of license demerit points

The problem is now so common that if you were to look around a shopping centre car-park you may notice that as many as one in 4 vehicles have some form of headlight lens deterioration. Replacement headlights are extremely expensive ranging from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars per light!

The Solution – Glass Technology’s Diamond Clear Headlight Restoration!

Glass Technology’s full time research and development division over years of development has come up with an economical (for the client) and profitable (for the restorer) solution to this ever increasing problem. The Diamond Clear Headlight Lens Restoration kit and Diamond Clear Acrylic polish compound.

The combination of high tech abrasive cutting discs, special applicators and the Diamond Clear Acrylic Polish Compound has created an efficient means of restoring all types of Acrylic and Polycarbonate headlight lenses to a virtually “as new” state. The restoration of a set of headlights is generally complete within an hour resulting not only in a superior repair, but a “win-win” for both client and service provider.

Boats, Motorcyles and Other Acrylic Products

Restore clarity to yellowed and foggy headlight lenses and other plastic surfaces with our Do-it-Yourself kit. It can not only be used to restore headlights but also boat windows, vinyl windows, acrylic skylights, motorcycle windscreens, aquariums etc. Acrylic restoration of headlights also improves night driving safety, so order one today! If you are looking for a quick and easy way to polish your headlight lenses contact us or order here on-line ... Diamond Clear Restoration DIY Kit (drill required).