As most professional windscreen repairers know; the critical step in a successful windscreen repair is removing the air trapped inside the break.

Using most other windscreen repair kits a vacuum is applied after the resin has been introduced into the break. This means the trapped air has to be drawn out of the break through the resin itself; a time consuming and inefficient process.

Glass Technology’s Pre Resin Injection Suspension Method (PRISM)... holds the resin off the glass in a side chamber whilst the air is vacuumed out of the break. This process creates a dry vacuum within the glass prior to the resin being introduced. A simple twist of the injector introduces the resin. The vacuum already created within the dry break draws the resin directly into it. In many cases this process almost fills the entire break with resin prior to the use of the pressure cycle. Total repair time is significantly reduced. This process is one of the most important advances in windscreen repair technology in decades.

While some repair kits still don't use vacuum in the process, Glass Technology equipment improves vacuum extraction to its highest and most efficient form possible saving you time and increasing your profitability!