Orange Disc 5" - 5 qty


Glass Technology's 3M Trizact glass restoration discs use a 5 step process depending on the depth of the scratched glass.  The discs are colour coded based on cutting aggression. The cutting discs progress from the most aggressive, GREEN, through PINK, BLUE and ORANGE. Finishing the glass to perfect clarity is achieved with the final polish disc; the super fine WHITE.  To achieve effective results users must progress down through the cutting discs, in strict order, from whichever coloured disc is initially used.  Example: If damage is removed with the blue cutting disc, the user must then progress to orange followed by white in order to achieve a final result. 

Orange Disc (Fine) is used for visible light scratches and heavy hard water removal on glass surfaces that cannot be remove with just the white polishing disc.  Available in 3 and 5 inch materials.  Can be purchased in 5 and 50 pack quantities.