Windscreen Repair System - SuperStar SpeedLock


SuperStar SpeedLock: The solution to economical windscreen repair with amazing results.

Simple, Effective Windshield Repairs
Engineered with simplicity in mind, the SuperStar™ is a great introductory kit that utilizes the same stainless steel materials and limited lifetime warranty as our Vanish™Professional Kit. 

Without sacrificing quality the SuperStar™ is one of the easiest injectors to operate. The SuperStar™ is equipped with enough supplies to produce over 150 repairs! It’s packaged with one injector, GT Tools® DarkCure Rechargeable Extreme UV Curing System, and all the additional tools needed to produce industry leading results.

NEW - Patent-Pending SpeedLock™ Technology
Utilizing a multi-position locking injector, SpeedLock™ allows for a simple and easy transition between Vacuum and Pressure. Produce consistent, professional, high-quality repairs every time.

Stainless Steel Injector Components
Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, the SuperStar™ injectors are precision machined using 304 stainless steel materials that are designed to provide decades of reliability.

Injector Design
The SuperStar™ injector components are engineered to allow a specialist to equalize and adjust between vacuum and pressure, producing a superior repair.

Unique Bridge Design
The SuperStar™ incorporates an easy mount bridge system. This flip tab design effortlessly mounts the tool to the glass while offering fine tuned adjustments for the injector.