Windscreen Repair System - Vanish Professional


The Future of Windshield Repair
Boasting the patented DarkCure™ sub 15-second fully integrated UV curing system, patent-pending SpeedLock™ multi-position injector, OneTouch™ Air Release Valve, and industry-leading vacuum/pressure capacity, the VANISH™ windshield repair system represents a quantum leap forward in repair technology.

NEW - Sub-15 Second DarkCure™ Extreme UV LED Curing System
After 10 years in development, GT Tools® recently released the DarkCure™ Technology platform to the world. A radical breakthrough in the windshield repair industry; Ultra-High Intensity, Short Duration UV LED curing penetrates deeply into any repair from all sides, cutting cure times by 90% and improving cure strength even after the system is turned off!

Stainless Steel Injector Components
Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, the VANISH™ injectors are precision machined using 303 stainless steel materials that are designed to provide decades of reliability.

SpeedLock™ Injector Technology and OneTouch™ Air Release Valve
Utilizing a multi-position locking injector, SpeedLock™ allows for a simple and easy transition between Vacuum and Pressure. Produce consistent, professional, high-quality repairs every time. Simply push the OneTouch™ Air Release button to instantly release air when transitioning between vacuum and pressure.

Helios™ Positioning System
Gone are the days of threading your injector into the bridge. Just slide the injector into the bridge and give it a half turn to seal it to the glass.